Auto Repair Financing

This day and age car repair can be quit pricey depending on what you need.  We at All Phase Auto Repair have been offering three finance options to help spread out those larger bills.  We have 6 month no interest, 12 month no interest and a 90 day payment option.  The 6 and 12 month no interest does have a credit application but we do see a lot of approvals.  The 90 day payment option does require a checking account along with a history of writing paper checks.  There is a approval process.   This option doesn’t check your credit but does have a finance charge.  The good thing about the first two options is ounce approved you have the card for any future purchases also.  Paying that bill in 6 or 12 payments is a lot easier than one lump sum and there’s no interest.  So next time you might need a set of tires, engine replacement, transmission replacement, or anything car repair related.  Come ask Terri how you can apply for our finance options.All Phase Auto Repair - Auto Pass Financingapply today

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