Maryland State Inspections-What you should know before you go!

Maryland State Inspections is what everyone needs when a vehicle is purchased in Maryland.  The purpose for the inspection is to make sure the vehicle is SAFE to drive on the road amongst other vehicles.  Customers always frown upon getting a inspection done but it’s really a good thing to have.  You will know everything you need for your vehicle to be safe to drive on the roads.  When purchasing a vehicle, I would always have a inspection done before making a payment to the other party.  If your driving your little babies around town.  Wouldn’t you want to know if those tires are about to explode?

The actual inspection takes about a hour and half to complete.  The prices vary from station to station.  We are allowed to charge up 1.5 hr of our current labor rate.  Most shops are cheaper than that calculation.  We at All Phase Auto Repair charge $95 for most vehicles.  Some vehicle are more if they are a full sized SUV or truck.  We also charge additional $20 if the tint needs to inspected on the vehicle.  This tends to be a hot topic.  Tint cannot be no darker than 35% on any window for a passenger car.  This applies only to Front door windows on Trucks and SUV’s.  Police officers want to see your face when walking up to the car window.  This is the main reason for this law.  In Maryland, inspection is a one time deal unlike many other states.  Ounce you get a passing grade.  You never have to get the inspection done again as long as you keep the car.  This is why we check a lot more items than most states.  If your vehicle fails inspection: sorry you still have to pay, no we wont issue a sticker when repairs are incomplete, no we don’t sell inspection stickers, but you do have 30 days or 1000 miles to complete the repairs and come back for a reinspect.  The same inspector will have reinspect your vehicle.  Most inspections are done electronically now.  Stickers aren’t actually issued like the old days.  A email is sent to the MVA when the vehicle gets a passing grade.

In conclusion, I think people should use Maryland State Inspections as a tool when buying a vehicle and as knowledge when wanting to know what’s wrong with the vehicle.  Trying to find a shop to sell illegal inspections stickers is just foolish and unsafe for you and your family in the end.  Call All Phase  in Essex, MD and set up a appointment to get that inspection done the right way!

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