” Why is my vehicle making noises”


” WHY IS MY VEHICLE MAKING NOISES” All Phase Auto Repair diagnoses many issues with our customers vehicles including steering and suspension systems. Often times these noises come back to these systems. Extreme forces exerted on system components can and will cause rapid wear that can cause many unwanted noises before they fail. Wheel bearings, struts, springs, ball joints, steering and suspension linkages and tires are by far the most common noise related problems we find. Today’s vehicle often has prolonged oil and filter changes keeping you away from critical vehicle checkups leading to failures with these systems compounding repair bills and inconvenient breakdowns. All Phase utilizes #FREECOUERTESYINSPECTIONS to help out, this can often pinpoint problem areas before diagnostics are involved. Of course, we can find all those hard-to-find noises most shops can’t for a minimal charge. Call for your appointment today. https://allphaseautorepair.napavision.com/topic/suspension/

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